Tutorials for Buyers

Go to Catalog section and use filters at the top to find a seller who suits you best.

Review Results
Everythings is pretty simple here: name of the seller, short bio, price per visitor, percent of Got Sales ratings and ratings from all solos this person sold on ADSTube24. At the bottom you can see latest rating this seller got. Pick any seller and click the box.

Review Seller’s Profile
At the top of profile you will see seller’s country and city, local time, all ratings and awards. You can directly message the seller via button or use options to add this person to favorites or to block.

Now you are ready to order. At the bottom you can see your order total and average time it takes for the seller to accept new order.

Once the order is placed, basically at this point all you need to do is to wait. The seller has 24 hours to decide whether to accept or not your order. If you placed same day order, the seller will accept in 5 hours or less. You can see all your solos on My Solos screen. All your future orders are in “waiting” status. If seller accepts, the solo will automatically change its state to “Accepted”.

After your seller accepted the order, you will get a notification and solo cell will change to Delivery in Progress state. If you selected “Give seller the option to send earlier than scheduled” checkbox on the order form, the seller can start anytime. If not, the seller will start the exactly on specified date and time.

Click solo cell to see the stats. If you don’t see graph there, then the solo hasn’t started yet and you need to wait.

If a seller rejected the order, there was solid reason for that, because nobody like to lose money. Just find another seller and buy.

Money you paid for your solo order has been already credited back to your ADSTube24 balance and will be used automatically on your next order. For example, if rejected solo was for $200 and you buy another solo for $235, you will pay $35.

If you do not want to buy anymore andtт want your money back to your PayPal / Card. Just go to Money section and click Refund button. Please note: the system sends the refund immediately, but it can take up to a week for it to appear on your card statement. This depends only on your bank. Refunds to PayPal appear almost instantly.

After solo ad delivery has been finished and you have checked all the statistics, you have 14 days to post a rating for your seller. When you are ready, scroll down to the Rating section of the solo, write a comment, choose the thumbs button and publish a rating.

ADSTube24 helps buyers and sellers to build successful long-term relationships by providing totally safe environment for quality traffic and payments.

We control all aspects of solo mailing and can guarantee total safety:

  • All payments are processed by ADSTube24
  • All traffic goes via ADSTube24 filter
  • Buyer pays only for clean traffic
  • Seller gets the payment only after 100% delivered
  • Buyer gets instant refund for non-delivered traffic
  • All ratings are posted only by ADSTube24 buyers and sellers and are verifiable
  • Communication, spam and unprofessional behavior is strictly controlled

PayPal / Credit Card Info
Once we ban a scam, his PayPal account, credit card details and physical information are being stored. We will never allow this person to register at ADSTube24, even with new name and email. In addition, we protect our Sellers from thieves, scams and even tire-kickers.

We want ADSTube24 customers to get the best possible return on their investment, with no wasted time or money. That’s why we protect your account with a custom designed click filter, so you can be assured that scammers and timewasters won’t be among your audience.

Let’s look at how our unique click filter works in the background to guard your spending and improve the quality of your inbound traffic automatically!

Tutorials for Sellers

1. Never SPAM. If you send ads via spamming, we will know about that, because we immediately get spamvertising notifications via SPF. We will deactivate any spam link on our side, so there’s no point in spamming.

2. Do not steal from us. Do not propose buyers buying outside of ADSTube24. You got all buyers thanks to ADSTube24. Any attempt to pull our buyers outside of the ADSTube24 will be classified as theft from ADSTube24 and attempt to defraud a buyer.

3. Do not try to cheat traffic filter. Automated system & live support people monitor traffic system wise.

4. Read Seller Payout Rules in ADSTube24 TOS as we do not payout instantly. New accounts have to go through ID or Passport verification.

We will immediately ban any seller who breaks these simple rules. If you are here to play cheater’s games with us, it will be short game with a sad ending.

Before you can start selling, you have to buy at least one solo or get Prime status. We need that to lock your seller profile to your PayPal / Credit Card info. We need that to fight fraud and make impossible for banned scams to return to ADSTube24 under new name.

Go to Account and Setup and turn Seller Mode ON. You’ll see a window with all options.

Solo deal is an excellent way to get instant sales even if you are new seller, because Solo Deals section stands near Find Sellers menu and it doesn’t have sorting options: seller with most recent solo deal will always be at the top.

This means you will be at the top of Solo Deals section instantly after you’ve created your solo deal.

After you have delivered all traffic to your buyer, the system will automatically credit the money to your ADSTube24 account. You can see all your payments in Money section.

We strongly recommend you to write thank you message to your buyer as it is a good tone and surely will increase loyalty of your buyers.

Tutorials for Affiliates

You will get 15% from all solo ad sales from all your referrals. This means, if you get us 10 customers who will buy 5 solos each month worth $100 each, you will earn: 10 * 5 * $100 * 15% = $750 each month.

You will get 25% monthly from all Prime members or 50% monthly from all Prime members if you are Prime yourself. This means, if you are Prime and bring us 10 Primes, you’ll earn: 10 * $29 * 50% = $145 each month.

You will find your affiliate link and statistics in Affiliates area

We will credit affiliate payments to your ADSTube24 balance 35 days after solo has been delivered by the seller. We need this delay to allow a possible refund to be processed and to prevent payment fraud.

Affiliate commission for Prime payments is credited at the end of each billing period, but not earlier than in 35 days after the charge.


If a solo ad order is rejected or canceled, the money is instantly credited to your ADSTube24 balance and can be automatically used on your next order. To process a refund, go to the Money section and use the "Get Refund" button (available from the desktop version of the website only).

Due to fraud and abuse of ADSTube24, we have disabled name changes. Please contact live support to change your name.

To deactivate your account, please send a quick message to our support. Please note: this action is permanent and after termination you won’t be able to recover any data.