Payment and Delivery Information

ADSTube24 helps buyers and sellers to build successful long-term relationships by providing totally safe environment for quality traffic and payments.

We control all aspects of solo mailing and can guarantee total safety:

  • All payments are processed by ADSTube24
  • All traffic goes via ADSTube24 filter
  • Buyer pays only for clean traffic
  • Seller gets the payment only after 100% delivered
  • Buyer gets instant refund for non-delivered traffic
  • All ratings are posted only by ADSTube24 buyers and sellers and are verifiable
  • Communication, spam and unprofessional behavior is strictly controlled

ADSTube24 Click Filter

We have very complex traffic filtering engine that has been created specially for solo ads market. It guarantees you will never get junk traffic. ADSTube24 automatically filters useless traffic and Buyers don’t pay for it. Read more about ADSTube24 click filter.
Interested to see how click fraud scams operate in non-protected, non-ADSTube24 areas, like forums and social networks to cheat buyers? Read our review about most popular scam technologies.

Payments and Refunds

All non-delivered orders are refunded automatically with a penalty to the seller. Buyer automatically gets a refund if Seller fails to deliver quality traffic within 100 hours. Seller gets payment only after all visitors have been delivered to the Buyer

“Newbie Safe” For New Sellers

New sellers have to get 5 positive ratings and wait for 30 days after they get first rating. This guarantees that we won’t have fly-by-night sellers here. If a scam joins the site and starts cheating, we can block him and refund all users without a pain.

Name Changes Prohibited

It is impossible to change a name in ADSTube24. This can be done only via support request with a valid reason. During this process we analyze activity of the user and decide to change the name or not. This way scams will never be able to use fake names.
These precautions guarantee safe experience for all ADSTube24 buyers.

Honest Prices

Due to huge popularity of ADSTube24, competition factor keeps low prices across the sellers even comparing to wild market.
If a seller asks you to pay outside of ADSTube24, no matter what the reason is and how valid it looks like, report the seller to ADSTube24 immediately. It is an attempt to cheat you, bypassing ADSTube24 quality traffic filter or to simply take your money and disappear.