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Steps to earn your first $100 and withdraw instantly!

  1. Register Adstube24 account, verify your email address and buy lifetime partnership.
  2. Choose partnership type of your account between $25 individual member and $130 PRO member.
  3. You will see the first task in your account - do it!
  4. You will get paid the same day - balance will appear in your account.
  5. Record video how you withdraw revenue from Adstube24 to your wallet.
  6. Upload the video to your Youtube channel and share the link with us.
  7. You will instanty get $50 more credited to your Adstube24 account.
Start making from $300 per day - doing different tasks and get paid instantly. Each time you withdraw revenue, you can record a video of withdrawal, post it on Youtube and get $50 each time.

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